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2016 Melbourne f1 Grand Prix

Being a recent addition to the Ferrari Club of NSW I jumped at the opportunity to join them in their International Suite at this year’s F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne.

I’ve been going to the Grand Prix for many years now. Usually I get a decent seat in the Brabham or Senna stands and each time a go a swear next year I’ll be in a suite – preferably a free invite! Well it wasn’t free, far from it, but it was a suite and probably the best on the track. Just at the pit lane exit we enjoyed a perfect view of the main straight, start/finish line, all the pit activity plus the exciting first corner – all from the comfort and luxury of our beautiful suite with balcony, fine finger food and endless drinks. This was luxury and decandence to the extreme.

A huge thank you to the

This was my first visit to Auto Italia. I had heard good things about this display of Italian cars and bikes so was looking forward to seeing it for myself. I wasn’t disappointed. Canberra turned on glorious Autumn weather for the hundreds of gorgeous Italian classics, their owners and adoring fans.

I decided to make a weekend of it, driving down on the Friday with my wife in the Gran Turismo. With very vigilant police dotting the motorway it was definitley a leisurely drive. We took the opportunity to stop for lunch in Berrima before visting friends in Braidwood.

The Gran Turismo lived up to its name. It was beautifully comfortable, the Bose audio playing my 80’s tunes and with ample power available making overtaking a breeze.

We joined the Ferrari Club members for a lovely Italian dinner on the Saturday night. A large contingent of Ferraris had driven down in convoy from Sydney that morning.

World premiere: Italian Lunch

Purchase brings closer a merger of the two automakers
Kids Food Made Easy Classes

At Kids Food Made Easy we understand the desire of parents to provide the best environment for our children to grow up in and also the demands of family life, busy schedules and fussy kids. We would like to give you the opportunity to explore another way of thinking when it come to feeding our kids – let them have a say, but an educated say. Let them be responsible for some of their food choices and you will see your kids embrace the idea and food issues become a whole lot easier. Even taking the kids to the do the grocery shopping can become easier.

Kids Food Made Easy is a series of classes that involve both the child and the parent usually conducted in small groups of 3-4 with children aged around 3+.  We get down on the floor with the kids, we play games, we interact, we

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