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Kids Food Made Easy Classes

At Kids Food Made Easy we understand the desire of parents to provide the best environment for our children to grow up in and also the demands of family life, busy schedules and fussy kids. We would like to give you the opportunity to explore another way of thinking when it come to feeding our kids – let them have a say, but an educated say. Let them be responsible for some of their food choices and you will see your kids embrace the idea and food issues become a whole lot easier. Even taking the kids to the do the grocery shopping can become easier.

Kids Food Made Easy is a series of classes that involve both the child and the parent usually conducted in small groups of 3-4 with children aged around 3+.  We get down on the floor with the kids, we play games, we interact, we educate through fun and laughter.

If you feel you or your children are experiencing any of the following then you will benefit by contacting us at Food Made Easy.

  • Not wanting to eat what you have put in front of them
  • Wanting to eat at the wrong time
  • Saying no because they know it gets a great response from you
  • Not wanting to sit at the table and being able to get away with it because of their age
  • Generally misbehaving, moody, not sleeping well
  • Parents are generally confused about what to feed, how much to feed, what variety to feed and how to introduce new foods to our children
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